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    about us

    Interior design made easy.

    We believe that great interior design should be accessible and available to everyone. It shouldn’t just be for big budgets and long time frames.

    Now you can log onto RoomLab, tell us about your space and what you need and we’ll connect you with one of our many qualified interior designers. The design process then takes place via our bespoke platform; essentially the full treatment that you would get with an one-to-one, traditional interior designer, but all done virtually.

    All for an affordable fixed fee of £225 per room, and all online.

    This is the future of interior design.

    we started as interior designers

    RoomLab was created because there just didn’t seem to be a solution for people that needed help with their homes without spending a fortune or it taking forever. RoomLab is a new way of accessing interior design.

    we want to create a community

    Through RoomLab, designers can access a new, flexible way of working that didn’t previously exist.  We connect designers with clients and creative, enjoyable projects whilst fully supporting them in the RoomLab family.

    we believe in supporting suppliers

    For suppliers big or small, RoomLab is a brilliant sales generator and a great way of showcasing their products to our designers so they can be discovered by new clients.

    RoomLab - interior design made easy for everyone.