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    Why should I use RoomLab?

    Because you want your space to look fantastic and be functional. You want a professional interior design service that is easy and that works to your budget, needs and style. You need someone who knows what they are doing and whom you can trust.

    How is RoomLab innovative and different from hiring a traditional Interior Designer?

    RoomLab is an online only service. This means that you can access a professional Interior Design service at a low flat fee. You still dictate your needs, style and wants as you would with a traditional Interior Designer but there are no hidden costs or long time frames. Every part of the design process is done online so you get exactly what you need and communication between you and your designer goes back and forth until you are happy. Plus the service is also offered with a money back guarantee!

    What does it cost?

    Just £225. This is a one-time flat fee per room for the complete interior design service. Then, set a furniture and accessories budget you feel comfortable with. Our designers will work within your budget to design a room you love. You are in no way obliged to purchase any items that we propose although we are sure you’ll want to!

    I'm really not tech savvy. Can I still use your services?

    Definitely! It is easy to use our site and communicate back and forth with your designer. If are ever in need of help, there are humans here to assist! Email us at:

    How do you define a "Room" under an open-concept space?

    When there is an open-concept floor plan, our service extends to each area you want to design. Let’s say you have an open living/dining space, then you’ll need to submit a project request for each space you want to include in our service. For more details, please send photos of your space, dimensions and a floor plan (if available) to

    How long does a project take?

    For 10 days you get unlimited revisions between you and your designer in order to nail down the perfect space. After these 10 days are up, your designer will send you a final design package which includes a floor plan, shopping list, and set up instructions.

    Need more time?  Contact us and we’ll extend your timeline.

    What's included in the final design?

    The final design package will include:


    Plus: Instructions and installation details

    How will the designers know what I like?

    The designers will use the information you provided when you signed up plus – (if you took it) – the answers to your Design Quiz to better understand your personal style & needs for the space. They will then send you a short but specific questionnaire for the room that you have chosen to further understand your requirements. You can also upload any photos of rooms or furniture that you like, floorplans, images from magazines or ideas you’d like to copy so we can build a really strong picture of your style. If you have one, send us your Pinterest board and we will help you bring it to life!

    • When submitting the initial concepts, designers will work with your feedback and adjust the design to ensure it suits you.

    • If you are keen to be involved, you can work alongside your designer to build a collaborative final Design Package.

    •If you’d like us to take the leg work out, then our specialist designers will work with your brief to create a bespoke design that will make you smile.

    How does RoomLab facilitate collaboration between designer and client?

    Our Company is not just about designing spaces. RoomLab has a vision to connect extremely talented designers with customers that need interior design help. We aren’t set on a specific style: our designers collaborate with our clients to create beautiful, liveable spaces to be proud of.

    How do I contact my designer?

    Via your profile page on the platform. This holds a simple and easy to use messenger service where you can communicate directly with your designer. This means that all of the project history is stored online so you can refer back at any stage and track your design journey. Should you need to speak to your designer directly we may be able to arrange this for you. Or you can speak to one of the RoomLab team who will be able to assist you. Just drop us an email on

    How often can I contact my designer?

    From the moment you launch your project to when the final design package is delivered, you have complete access to your interior designer. Collaboration is key here, so don’t hesitate to ask questions to your designer or provide feedback. You can contact them via the online messenger system as many times as you like during the life of your project. All the communication between you and your designer is direct and you can go back and forth sharing ideas, images and products until you are happy with your final design. Also, you can always count with our in-house team, so if you run into any issues or have a comment, reach out:

    I have a commercial space, can I use the service?

    Definitely! We are very experienced in this area. Contact us at: to be put in touch with our commercial interior designers.

    A product became unavailable before I could purchase it, what can I do?

    Within 30 days of receiving your shopping list, your designer can select new options for you if an item is discontinued or no longer available.

    What's the Buy For Me option?

    Buy For Me is a complimentary Personal Shopper service that we offer to order and track the delivery of everything to your door. Your final shopping list can be ordered on your behalf and we will keep you updated on delivery details and tracking numbers. This is a service only available to users in the United Kingdom and all deliveries will come directly from retailers. All shipping and delivery costs from retailers will be passed on to you but we charge no handling fees. Where the delivery fee is not listed we will take 10% of the item cost at the time of order and refund any difference. You are responsible for your own returns unless the item is faulty or damaged, in which case please contact us and we will liaise with the retailer.

    When will my items purchased through Buy For Me arrive?

    It will depend on the availability and shipping timeframes of the retailer. Your RoomLab Personal Shopper will collect all shipping and tracking information and send it to you.

    What can I do if I'm not happy with my designer?

    Please contact us at and we will discuss with you in detail. In some instances and early in the project timeline we may be able to switch you to another designer.

    What’s the Happiness Guarantee?

    We want you to be happy with our service, so if you are not, please contact us at so we can discuss how to work it out and explain our refund policy.

    How does Refer a Friend work?

    You can share your personalised Refer a Friend promotional code with as many Friends and Family as you like!  As soon as they start designing a room you’ll both get £50 in design credit. This credit will be emailed to both of your email addresses on file as a coupon code for your next room design with RoomLab.

    Refer a friend can’t be combined with any other offer but is valid for multiple transactions.

    Haven't found your question in here?

    Please contact us

    What is RoomLab and what's in it for me as a designer?

    We help designers gain access to customers and help them to work together via an easy-to-use online platform. Resulting in great interior design for customers, all online and for a fixed fee. And for designers great pay, flexible working and a supportive and creative working environment that does not currently exist. Designers post their availability online and if selected for a job they will work one-to-one with the customer through the RoomLab Platform. Customers pay a flat fee per room and Designers earn 75% of that fee once they complete the design project.

    How much does it cost to join?

    Absolutely nothing. Joining RoomLab is free.

    Why should I join RoomLab?

    Because you want to control how much and when you work. Because you want to be able to work from anywhere. Because you need flexibility. Because you need to access new clients and enlarge your portfolio. Because you want to get more experience in the field. Because you want to be supported by a team of professionals. Because you want to have access to exclusive retailer discounts. Because you want to be part of a community.

    How does it work?

    A typical project would look like this;


    What do I get from the customer initially?

    A typical customer will submit a project description, photographs of the space, floorplans if available, images, Pinterest boards or any other visual aids they have. Some customers may opt to take the online Style Quiz which will help designers understand their style. We also offer a one-click option for busy clients which allows them to skip the Style Quiz and move directly into the design phase.

    How do I refine the information I get?

    Based on their needs and the room they have selected, send them the appropriate questionnaire to kick off the process and get more information. We will provide you with questionnaires for each room.

    What should I deliver as part of the initial design concepts phase?

    Initially you should put together some inital design concepts in the form of visual boards, to further understand the clients brief and needs. Allow around 1-2 hours of design time and 3-4 days to pull this together.



    What am I going to deliver at the end of the process?

    Your final design package needs to include: the final visualboard, a floorplan with instructions and a shopping list. Everything should be uploaded in high-resolution image format (.png, .jpg or .pdf) and printable in high resolution A4 size.

    How are customers choosing the designers?

    The designers will be chosen and assigned by RoomLab based upon designers’ availability.

    What about online portfolios?

    You’ll be asked to submit some images from your portfolio and a profile description that we can use on the platform.

    Which software should I use for the design work?

    You can use any program or software that you like as long as it is clear to the client and can also be easily downloaded in hi-res at the end. You can use vectaworks, CAD, Photoshop, Sketch up or any moodboard maker app. We will provide you with a few suggestions in the Manual.

    Do you have any tips to help me put together the best design project possible?

    Ensure you carefully read every part of the customers project submission info which includes the Style Quiz results, room info, budget, needs and wants. Then send them the appropriate brief for that room (supplied by RoomLab) with any additional questions you may want to add based on their answers. Ask them for any inspiration photos, current furnishings, most loved pieces or Pinterest boards and work around their style.

    How much can I earn?

    This is the best part: it’s up to you! The more projects you get and the better you are at the job, the more you’ll earn. There’s no maximum or minimum number of projects required to be part of the community, you just need to let us know through the platform when you are available. Designers earn 80% of the fixed £225 flat fee once they complete the design project. This is set and will not change with any promotions run by RoomLab.

    What's that option of having my work photographed?

    RoomLab chooses some of the finished projects to be photographed professionally and be used on either the website or in our social media. If any of your projects are chosen you’ll be notified and will have access to the photographs.

    How can I communicate my availability?

    Our platform allows you to turn on and off your availability so you can work when you want:


    How much time does it take to participate in a RoomLab project?

    While each designer’s experience and approach might impact the timeline differently, a design project should take approximately 8 hours distributed across 10 days after first concept.

    1. Understand request and start defining approach: approx. 1 hour

    2. Put together initial concepts: approx. 2 hours

    3. Collaborate with customer and finalise design: approx. 5 hours

    What does the typical project timeline look like?

    A typical project timeline would look like this:


    How are designers paid for completed projects?

    For connecting you with the platform, we deduct a service fee of 20%. The design fees you earn will automatically deposit in your bank account the Friday after you complete your project.

    How do I communicate with my client during the design process?

    Our platform anticipates that all communications are going to be conducted through it. You have a messaging system you can use to communicate with your customer and refer to when reviewing past conversations. This way you can keep track of all messages and information and keep your design time to a level where you make a good income.

    Should I use specific retailers to ensure the best deals?

    Yes. We’ll provide a Suppliers Guide of online retailers which we have carefully put together to illustrate which products can be best sourced from which retailers. You should prioritise them in your designs – that allows us to pass our customers the best discounts.

    How can I make the most of the clients' budget?

    You should always factor in the clients’ budget into your designs. Recommendations for products should be added up throughout the process to ensure that this is fitting within budget.

    Prices should reflect the retail price and do not need to include delivery costs. It is the Designer’s obligation to address the budget with their Client in Design Time. Some Where clients may ask for shipping to be included in the budget, we ask Designers to factor in 20% for those budgets.

    What if an item becomes out of stock or unavailable before a customer buys it?

    If a product is discontinued or an individual item becomes out of stock with a lead time longer than 28 days, the Designer should resubmit a new option for the customer.

    What about fabrics and other finishes?

    Designers can suggest finishing materials (eg. carpet, fabric, tiles wallpaper, etc.) but you must reiterate to your customer that they are responsible for providing accurate measurements. These could be measurements that they have taken themselves or that have come from a contractor.  As we are unable to do site visits the customer should be aware that they are solely responsible for ordering the correct amount of materials.

    This is particularly important for bathroom design.

    What about ongoing client contact?

    Your customer will have up to 30 days to contact you with questions after you deliver the final design requirements. If your customer contacts you outside this window, please let us know at

    I'm sold. What should I do to sign up?


    1. You need to fill in this form and submit your profile and Portfolio.

    2. After reviewing your paperwork we’ll contact you to let you know if/that you passed the selection process. After selected, you’ll be part of the RoomLab family.

    3. You’ll then receive a manual containing everything you need to know to succeed at your job: design guidelines, suggested software questionnaires, retailers lists, etc.

    4. Your name, description and portfolio will then appear in the platform so customers can start selecting you for projects. You have the option to set your availability to on/off so you can work when you want!

    5. As clients start selecting you for their projects you start receiving their information and communicating through the tool. The process is designed to be fast and friendly.

    6. You’re set and ready to start working.

    What products can I include in my design?

    You can choose to include any product that you want as long as it fits the client’s budget and it can be bought online by the client directly. Please do not include any trade only products.

    I know an amazing supplier, can I add them to the RoomLab supplier’s database?

    Yes! We’re always willing to work with great suppliers that our designers trust. If you know a great supplier and would like them to be added, please contact us at using the subject: Supplier Alert

    My question is not answered, who should I contact?

    Please contact us