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I’m so happy to welcome you to RoomLab.

RoomLab is a dream brought to reality for me and shows how sheer force can bring things to life.  In 2016, I was running a successful interior design business catering to clients with beautiful homes and high budgets. I’d been a designer for six years and was enjoying sharpening my design skills and witnessing the transformative effect that great interior design can have.

At the same time, I was being quizzed daily on where to source furniture and how to choose paints from friends who simply didn't have access to interior design help. For them, using a designer had never been an option - long considered something elite, unaccessible, expensive and time-consuming. I wanted to change that and let everyone get the help they needed without the headache or the cost.

Fast forward 18 months and RoomLab has a superstar core team, 30 top-of-their-game designers and we’ve transformed 250 homes. 

We have a dedicated delivery service for furniture meaning it can be delivered to you in one day, unboxed and the rubbish taken away. 

We’re building our own RoomLab furniture collection and ethical sourcing channels, as well as partnering with charities; all things I could only dream of at the beginning.

Thanks to everyone who has believed that things can be better, but also thanks to you. Thank you for letting us into your homes and trusting us - I know it’s a big ask. Thanks for also believing that everyone can really love the home they live in, and that getting there should be pain-free and fun.

So sit back, relax and help us bring your design ideas to life. With a grateful heart and very best wishes,