When you work with RoomLab, you’re working not just with your personal interior designer but with the whole family. From Suzann, our Founder, to the Design Support and Customer Services Team, we’re obsessed with making sure your experience is the best it can be.


Why should I use RoomLab?

You’re looking for a professional interior design service that is quick, easy, works to your budget, considers all your needs and your personal style. RoomLab was founded by an interior designer who believed that everyone should have access to great design. We only have the best designers that put the customer experience first.

How is RoomLab innovative and different from hiring a traditional Interior Designer?

RoomLab is primarily an online service. We have a dedicated online platform that connects you to your chosen designer throughout the whole process making the whole process very quick and easy. Our range of packages lets you be in control, there are never any hidden costs or extended time frames. Each of our packages includes an initial call with your designer. The RoomLab team provide a complementary shopping service, which places orders and organises deliveries on your behalf, as well as unlocking access to trade discounts. Ultimately saving you time and money and many customers save more than their initial design fee. Plus with our Stay Happy Guarantee if you aren’t thrilled, we’ll fix it!

What does it cost?

We have different packages to suit everyone's needs. These start at £499 for our Classic and £699 for our Premium package.

Every package is a one-time flat fee per room and there’s never any hidden costs. Our designers will work within your budget to choose furnishings and accessories you love.

All three packages have access to our RoomLab trade discounts. These can often save you back your initial design fee if not more, when you choose to shop your room through our included shopping service.

I’m really not tech savvy. Can I still use your services?

Definitely! Our site is made easy to use and communicate back and forth with your designer.

If you are ever in need of help, there are humans here to assist! Email us at hello@roomlab.co.uk or give us a call 020 3318 4859, our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm.

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How do you define a “Room” under an open-concept space?

When there is an open-concept floor plan, our service extends to each area you want to design. Let’s say you have an open living/dining space, then you’ll need to submit a project request for each space you want to include in our service. For more details, please send photos of your space, dimensions and a floor plan (if available) to hello@roomlab.co.uk and we can discuss this with you.

How long does a Project take?

Depending on your chosen package, you should receive your final design between 5 to 21 days. We then provide you with up to 4 weeks of post-design support. You can see the timelines for each here on our homepage. If you every need more time contact us at hello@roomlab.co.uk and we will see what we can do, we’re here to help.

I have a commercial space, can I use the service?

Definitely! We are very experienced in this area. Contact us at: hello@roomlab.co.uk to get in touch with our designers.

What's included in my package?

Please see our pricing section to learn what's included in all of our packages

What’s the stay happy guarantee?

We want you to be happy with our service, so if you aren’t thrilled, we’ll fix it. Please contact us at hello@roomlab.co.uk so we discuss with you and let you know about our refund policy.

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How will the designers know what I like?

The designers are professionals at creating spaces you will love to live in. They will work with you to understand your likes and dislikes. By answering questions and sharing inspiration in the initial design phase our designers will get to know your unique style. If you have one, send us your Pinterest board and we will help you bring it to life! When submitting the initial concepts, designers will work with your feedback and adjust the design to ensure it suits you, our designers are specialists and will work with your brief to create a bespoke design that will make you smile.

How do I contact my designer?

RoomLab connects you and your designer on our exclusive online platform. This site lets you and your designer collaborate and share ideas all in the one easy to use profile.

How often can I contact my designer?

From the moment you launch your project to when the final design package is delivered, you have complete access to your designer. Collaboration is key here, so don’t hesitate to ask questions to your designer or provide feedback. You can contact them via our online platform as many times as you like during the life of your project. Also, you can always access our customer experience team, don’t be shy to get in touch; hello@roomlab.co.uk.

What can I do if I'm not happy with my designer?

I'd like a new designer.

Please in touch! Email us at hello@roomlab.co.uk or give us a call 020 3318 4859, our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm. We will discuss with you in detail.

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Personalised shopping service

What’s the Personalised Shopping Service?

PERSONALISED SHOPPING SERVICE *What’s the Personalised Shopping Service?* Our team will place all your orders and track the deliveries on your behalf, right to your door - keeping you updated throughout. Whatever you choose from your final shopping list can be ordered through us at our trade discount prices. We will then keep you updated on final costs, delivery details and take away any stress and save you time.

You are by no means obliged to purchased everything from your shopping list. You can pick and choose certain items or none at all. However we include this service as it saves you time and money. So its a bit of a no brainer really.

Please note that this is a service only available to users of the United Kingdom & all deliveries will come directly from retailers. All shipping & delivery costs from retailers will be passed on to you but we charge no handling fees.

When will my items purchased through the Personalised Shopping Service arrive?

It will depend on the availability and shipping timeframes of the retailer. The RoomLab team will collect all shipping and tracking info and send it to you.