3 Simple Tricks To Instantly Upgrade Your Space

1. Focus on the details

A great place to start is by changing cushions and adding new vases, small accessories, or throws. This works particularly well for an update between the seasons; fake fur, knitted wool blankets, and extra candles instantly invoke Winter cosiness and lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen cushions with light patterns are perfect for beachy Summer vibes. Seasonality aside, this is a fun and simple way to test a new pop of colour; give it a try and we guarantee you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. 


2. Add a fresh coat of paint

Nothing can refresh your space better than a new coat of paint. If repainting the walls seems like too big a jump, then think about highlighting architectural features such as dado and picture rails, doors, or fitted furniture. Choose an Eggshell or Satinwood paint for a modern finish for woodwork or Gloss finish for more traditional rooms. Walls should always be Emulsion but you can also get varied finishes such as specialist Kitchen & Bathroom Emulsion which is more hardwearing (and not just for Kitchen & Bathrooms!), and has a slight sheen should you want something more hardwearing for heavy traffic areas or if you have children or pets.

You can see the impact a single colour can have in this beautiful Indigo blue bedroom.


3. Create an indoor jungle

We love plants for their ability to instantly add colour and texture and to break up a room that feels too stiff or linear. Think about adding a row of easy-to-care-for simple succulents to shelving or create a bigger impact through a large potted plant such as the Fiddle leaf fig tree, one of our favourites here at RoomLab and not just because it's super easy to care for!


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