5 signs you need an Interior Designer

We talk about our homes being “dream homes" as they're not quite a reality yet. We know what we want but are so tied up juggling friends, family and work that furnishing your home falls to the bottom of the list. 

At RoomLab, we believe that great interior design should be available to everyone. It shouldn’t just be for big budgets and long time frames. Everyone should have a home they love, a bedroom they adore, a kitchen with everything they need and a living room that relaxes and recharges them.

If this has you shouting “yes please!” Then it might be time to work with a designer and get the help you need to finally pull your space together and love the home you live in.

Not sure if you need one? Here are five signs it might be time to hire a professional interior designer.

1. You never use that formal dining room. 
If there's a room in your home that is only used a few times a year—perhaps a certain day in December when you cook a turkey—it’s probably time to think about whether you’re really getting the best use of that space.   As a designer myself I always had a Pinterest board of beautiful silk wallpaper lined dining rooms but when I finally found I had enough space I realised it wasn’t really relevant for the way my family lived, or in any way useful.  So we turned it into a lovely snug with a huge oversized sofa and a log burner and it’s now one of my favourite (and the most used) spaces in the house.
An interior designer can help you strategize about the best way to use your space, be that transforming a rarely used formal dining room into a casual family room, or something else you'd never have imagined.

2. The playroom is bursting at the seams.
If you find yourself spending more time cleaning up your children's playroom than waking hours in the day, it may be time delegate the project to a pro. An interior designer will be able to create sleek, clean storage options to house all the Lego and other plastic that you've unknowingly managed to acquire. And while he or she's at it, they'll create an inspiring design that fosters creativity and is beautiful to look at, too.

3. Your living room still has furniture from uni.
You may be living in a small flat but its is really time to get rid of that wonky Billy bookcase.  A pro interior designer can work open any budget and any space, not matter how small to create your dream home.  And at RoomLab our design packages start from just £79.

RoomLab Design Melody living room design

4. Your little one is not so little anymore.
Whether it's time to move from a nursery to a "big girl room” or then into a teen space, a designer can help you and your family.  This is something that we often work on here at RoomLab and the projects are a joy in that they are so creative and secondly in the positive impact that they have on families. 
A designer can be a great intermediary suggesting options for layout and designs that you may never have thought of.  The experience doesn’t need to break the bank or be stressful, it can be a fun thing to do together and often with these sorts of rooms big impacts can be made for relatively little cost.

Teen room by RoomLab designer Kate

5. You've always overlooked your master bedroom.
If you fall into the bracket of always focusing on your Living Room first when it comes to decorating then it might be time to stop neglecting the important space that is where you open and close your eyes each day.
You deserve a happy, tranquil space, let a designer help you and bring this up to the top of your to do list.

RoomLab Design Melody bedroom design

Need help designing your home?  A RoomLab designer can help!  From just £79 and with a free consultation, you know where we are :-)

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