Deck Your Halls Like An Interior Designer

1. Diamonds are your tree's best friend

The bold edges and sharp lines of gemstone-inspired ornaments are the perfect way to make your tree's lights really sparkle without having to overload the branches. Each side bounces the light in a different direction, creating a feeling of movement and life from every angle. Choose the classic shapes of WestElm's Glass Gem Ornaments for more traditional schemes or go bold on the bling with this dramatic multi-facited Diamond Glitter Ball.


2. Make it personal

What is the festive season if not an opportunity to take time for yourself and for loved ones? Take a moment to appreciate the people who meant the most to you this year by hanging an initial for each of them in pride of place on your tree. We love WestElm's perfectly understated Mercury Glass Letter Ornaments, or, for a fun family project, use modelling clay and string to create your own.


3. Don't be afraid to ignore tradition 

A Christmas theme doesn't always have to mean polar bears and pom-poms. If you're more of a summer soul, celebrate the silly season in your own way by mixing in some exotic elements to remind you of warmer times. We love the way these West Elm Tropical Glass Ornaments bring an extra sprinkling of fun to the traditional Christmas colours of green and gold and we can't wait to rest our breakfast Buck's Fizz on these Stone Coasters - cheers!


4. Include the whole family

Fun fact: Chopper, the RoomLab office dog, loves Christmas. And since Team RoomLab loves Chopper, we've invested in some dog-themed ornaments for our tree. Whether you're a family with a mongrel, a moggie, or a menagerie, celebrate your fur babies with fun touches like these WestElm Felt Ornaments.


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