Designers Q&A: Melody

“Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home no matter the size and it really doesn't have to cost a lot to make that a reality.”


What inspired you to become an interior designer?

I've lived all over the world and moved a lot. Each time I moved I made every property a home, even if they were rentals. I was always complimented on my interiors and choice of furnishings and decoration. I absolutely loved creating interiors and realised that if it was at all possible, I was going to find a way to get myself fully trained and become an Interior Designer.

What influences your interior design choices?

It can be any number of things but most commonly it is the architectural features in a room or environment, natural light and view. Sometimes it may be these things and a piece of art or existing furnishings that dictates the design direction. I've experienced doing rooms where the whole room design was anchored on the artwork on the wall or was designed around the highly patterned wallpaper.

What key elements do you use in your designs?

I love using beautiful wallpapers or textured wall coverings, particularly in bedrooms. It can transform a room into a haven of luxury. I tend to stay away from trends and gravitate more towards contemporary classic designs. I like to create interiors that have longevity, that will still look great in 10 years time, whatever the style genre. Beautiful light fixtures are very important in my designs and I feel it's absolutely necessary to the finishing of a room. I've seen many nice rooms with horrible lighting. For me, It's like having a gorgeous dress and then you go and wear it with ugly shoes!

What are some common interior design myths?

Dark walls make a room look smaller. Colour on walls creates depth and interest; our eyes naturally navigate from dark to light shades. This is what allows us to judge the distance between two walls and what creates the illusion of space. Darker shades in rooms with very high ceilings looks particularly fabulous.

You need to buy high end in everything. That would be a dream! However it's absolutely not necessary, reserve your greatest purchases for the things which get the most use like your sofa and bed and buy the very best you can afford, in-terms of style and quality, at the time. Everything else, side tables, rugs, lamps, cushions, accessories etc can very easily be sourced for less and with extremely stylish solutions.

Everything in a room has to match. No not at all but it does need to coordinate, I love mixing styles in furniture as long as they visually balance with each other.

What is the most rewarding project you've completed and why?

A four bedroom/ four bathroom property in Spain in a stunning seaside location that was built in the 1980's. Though charming, built in a traditional Spanish architectural style, it had very dated interiors that needed renovation. I designed everything from the bespoke kitchen, to all the interior joinery, bathrooms, bespoke vanities and even the internal doors. The entirely new electrical plan for the 3 story villa was also left to me. There wasn't a square inch of the Villa that did not get replaced or reworked. I tried to remain sympathetic to the style of architecture and features like a traditional window box and Spanish double doors were retained and refurbished. It was extremely rewarding in that it gave me the opportunity to put everything I had learned into practice and I was designing things I had not done before. What I know to be true is that, no detail should be overlooked in projects of this scale.

Describe your dream design project?

For me every project is uniquely attractive, I think what I would deem a dream project would be designing a new home from the ground up. Being able to work with an Architect from conception stage and have input into the spatial planning in addition to designing everything in every room would be pretty exciting. Huge, but exciting.
Oh and with a limitless budget in an exotic location, which requires a site visit every month. Maybe Maui or Saint Kitts!

What is your all-time favourite coffee table book?

We are a music loving family and currently I have a fab book on The Beatles on my coffee table. I like coffee table books on music history, The Rolling Stones 50 is another great book, with all the black and white photography from the 60's and 70's, such a cool era (not necessarily for Interiors though). Our guests like to look through them too, which is the whole point... isn't it?

Name a song that always makes you smile?

Ultraviolet by U2.

If you could invite any three people to a dinner party, who would it be?

My Dad, Bono (of U2) and David Bowie. My Dad wouldn't like either of them!

Describe your perfect Sunday?

My perfect Sunday is what I like to call Pyjama Sunday. Spent on the sofa trawling the internet, online shopping, looking at furniture, decor and Pinterest. Followed by watching a movie, generally eating everything I shouldn't, ignoring the house work and making everyone fend for themselves. I'm easy to please.

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