Designers Q&A: Peggi

Since she was a small child Peggi has always had a love for Interior Design. As young as 8 Peggi was browsing through interior and architecture magazines to grow her eye for the art. Peggi dreams of gorgeous interiors and is inspired by the idea that her creativity can bring a smile to her clients face.

We asked featured designer, Peggi about what inspires her designs, her dream project and of course her perfect breakfast order. Get to know Peggi and view some her previous projects below!



What do you enjoy most about working with RoomLab?

I look forward to meeting various type of clients that I might not normally get the chance to work with. I love gradually getting to know the client's personality and their style. My favourite thing is helping clients design the rooms they're dreaming of.

What influences your interior design choices?

My choices in design depend on various aspects,  client's style, the buildings character, layout, purpose, location etc. I personally enjoy clean and proportionate design.



What key elements do you use in your designs?

Balance and proportion are key elements in any design, it ensures the room is pleasing to the eye. Light is also an important consideration, whatever colour palette you use, having the correct lighting determines the ambiance in the space.

What are some common interior design myths?

"Hiring one breaks the bank", in my opinion, a good designer will find a design solution according to their client's budget.

"Interior design only works with expensive materials", I love to mix and match exciting furniture, vintage pieces, luxury and affordable items together. You can make it all come together within any budget.



Describe your dream design project?

My dream project would be working with a great architect to design a boutique hotel or multi-storey house. I love working with unique spaces that are outside of the ordinary.

When sitting in a lovely cafe what is your go-to order?

Toast with egg and avocado, greek yogurt with granola and fruit, and of course... a cup of tea.

Name a song that always makes you smile?

Singing In The Rain by Frank Sinatra *classic*

Describe your perfect Sunday?

Having a meal with my family, on the balcony, in the sun watching the world go by. When the weather isn't so lovely I enjoy relaxing indoor with wine, cheese and some jazz playing in the background.



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