How To: Green Velvet Sofa

Keep it complimentary

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the colour wheel but green sits opposite to red making them known as complementary colours. By matching a cooler toned green with warm red tones you're making both colours stand out to be the best most vibrant they can be. Hot tip, the closer your green moves to blue toned, move further down from a red to a yellow.



Play matchmaker

Monochromatic interiors are everything right now, keeping within the same colour family or even matching the tone perfectly is a style statement that shows confidence! It's also just super trendy.



Use it as a feature

If you're looking at freshening up an existing living space, want to make your day to day a little more vibrant. Simply add your new green sofa to an existing colour palette. If you're not ready to commit to the full thing, maybe try an armchair or a throw cushion to warm yourself up.



Keep it fun

 You’ve just bought a green sofa so your space is automatically higher on the exciting scale, so why not keep climbing. Fun prints, crazy cushions or a daring rug can really make your every day much more thrilling!



Keep in classy

Symmetry and gold is a recipe for an exceptional luxe space. Now just add your green sofa.



Dark and moody

Prefer a more calming and romantic space? Dark colours are a dream against this vibrant velvet.

Often dark colours are misconceived as a big no-no, seen as a design “mistake” when wanting to increase the “size” of a space. In fact, it's quite the opposite, they add warmth and depth to the room. If your nervous start with a feature wall, trust me though you’ll be addicted.

Great for grubby little fingers running around the house, and can often have a very relaxing environment.



Bright and fresh

Opposite to the last tip, placing your sofa against a crisp white wall can create beautiful sharp clean lines. Great for those sunny days, let the natural light bounce through the room. Like a spotlight for that velvet green masterpiece.



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