How to pick the perfect grey or white paint

Hi Megan here!  Today we will be talking all things paint, this is one of the most common questions here at RoomLab HQ and I hope we can shed some light on this tricky subject.

A new coat of paint is one of the most transformative things you can do for a space and provides an instant upgrade.  You only need to do a quick online search or and you’ll see that today’s most popular colours are grey and white. That’s why our RoomLab clients are constantly asking what the best grey and white paint colours are to use for a space. There are so many to choose from it is a bit of a minefield, and as we love to help here at RoomLab here is your ultimate guide to picking the perfect neutral shade for your room. 

The Basics

The most important thing to know about paint is that the appearance can change depending on your room and the time of day. A small room may need lighter hues, so it doesn’t feel too cosy, and a white could look yellow in the morning, but come off as more blue by afternoon. However, there are a few basic principles that can make choosing a bit easier. 

First, you should consider the undertones of the paint used. A neutral colour can work in most rooms, and it provides a versatile feel in the space. 

Greys and whites come in either “cool” or “warm” - the cool having an undertone of blue and the warm with undertones of brown.  A warm tone gives a more traditional feeling to a room that can feel very mellow where cool tones give the room a modern vibe and create a space that feels calm and serene. You should think about the type of room that you are painting, and the atmosphere that you want to create within it. 

Secondly, you should consider what direction you room is located. North facing rooms tend to get less sunlight so a warmer tone will keep the room from feeling dark. The opposite is true for south facing rooms. A south facing room tends to receive more light, so it can handle a cool tone with more blue undertones while remaining bright. 

Paint Colours

Now that you understand how to pick the best tone for your room, here are RoomLab’s favourite grey and white paint colours:


Warm -- Misty Mountain by Dulux 

This is a warm grey that is gentle enough to go well in any room, but lacks cool tones that another grey might possess. Instead, this color has beige undertones that make it perfect for a darker, north facing room.



Neutral -- Cornforth White (228) by Farrow & Ball 

This neutral grey is warm enough to keep a room feeling bright, but midtone enough to keep a room versatile, and it’s our founder Suzann’s favourite wall colour. It is perfect for any room as it is a true neutral that can be suited for any space.



Cool --  Rock Salt by Dulux  

This grey is has undertones of cool blues. This makes it ideal for a modern feeling space, or a south facing, light filled room. It keeps the room feeling crisp and clean without making it feel too cold.



Warm -- Wimborne White (329) by Farrow & Ball 

This one was recommended by our own Designer Nicole on our RoomLab Design Forum. She notes that it is the perfect soft white. The mellow, warm tone is perfect for a shaded room without making it feel cold.



Neutral -- Absolute White by Dulux

This is Farrow & Ball’s truest white which makes it perfect for that gallery wall you have been dreaming of since reading How to: Style my Gallery Wall. This neutral tone will make your art pieces pop without feeling too warm or too cold. It is perfect for any room that you want to feel fresh and new.



Cool -- Blackened (2011) by Farrow & Ball 

Another one of Suzann’s favourites, this cool white has a slight hint of grey making it feel modern while still remaining flexible. It pairs well with All White to create an ultra modern space, and it is best suited for a sunny, south facing room.



We hope this helps you with your next room renovation. Although these are the basic principles of neutral colours, every room is different, so be sure to test out a sample on your wall before you commit. 


As always we love your feedback and comments so feel free to drop us anote on our instagram or facebook.  Meg X

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