How To: Style My Gallery Wall

1. 3 x 3 grid

This display has all the charm and character of a minimal and modern home, and all the potential to create a dramatic and meaningful story. When choosing the pieces inside the frames we especially love the idea of collating a group from a single series or mixing monochromatic artworks of different media.



2. Outer Align

Take a single frame and surround it with complimentary pieces. Outer frames can be arranged in a perfect square or, like in the example below, placed in a circle.  Either way, take the time to plan the layout with masking tape first for the best results.


We love the look of this monochrome living room- velvet material is a great choice for a black sofa as it softens the look whilst looking dark and sophisticated.


3. Reflection

The perfect choice for those of us who love creating order out of chaos. The only rule? Bring a ruler! Make sure everything is aligned and matched at the centre or at the lower edge. We suggest using three of four of the same frame sizes to create order and tie the look together. This approach works especially well over a large bed, a sofa or in your hallway.


So you want to put a gallery wall in your home. Simple, right? We all know that this is definitely NOT the case. Starting your gallery wall can be a daunting task. There’s so much that can go wrong (uneven spacing, goofy placement, crooked frames, etc.), and you don’t want to be unsure of your …


4. Spiral

This is an impressive way to style your wall and is actually easier than it looks. Recreate this look by starting with a centre frame, then arranging the other frames in an anti-clockwise spiral that grows outwards from the middle. For added balance, evenly space out the other frames and for curated disorder mix square, portrait and landscape photos. 


black and white mudcloth cushions pillows monochrome living room


5. Centered

So simple, yet so high-impact - and it requires minimal effort. Simply place one or two larger frames in the middle, then align the smaller frames along the right and left sides to create breadth. It's the perfect look if you want to incorporate a beloved poster into a grown-up space - just be sure to frame it first!


Desert vibes. I'm inspired to build a new gallery wall. Are you?


6. Staircase

The ideal style if you know you’ll want to add to your gallery wall over time. For a space that gets used so many times in a day, the stairway is often an afterthought in a design. Hang artwork or photographs that make you smile and design your wall in vertical waves to easily achieve the “fade-out” look as your collection grows. With this style, there are very few rules — feel free to be bold!


Gallery wall up the stairs


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