New Year Fitness...Without Even Leaving The House

It's too early...

There's nothing quite so jarring to the system as the day that the Christmas season finally gives way to the start of January. We're a pretty active bunch at Team RoomLab and generally get a good balance between wine and wellness but we can't deny having over-indulged a little during December. It's time to gently press the reset button - but in a stylish way, of course... 

Read on to learn how to seamlessly incorporate health and fitness into your design concept and easily hide those bits of equipment that you'd rather have out of sight.


1. Get smart with your storage

Incorporating your storage into your furniture is a clever way to hide the less aesthetically-pleasing items without the need for additional shelving or cupboards. This is particularly effective in smaller homes where space is at a premium.

We love the simple elegance of this storage bench from Wayfair that's suitable for so many different spaces - we'd place this at the end of a bed or near an entryway where it can serve as storage for workout equipment and somewhere to sit whilst you put your shoes on. 


Andesine Upholstered Storage Bedroom Bench from Wayfair, currently available for £109.79 (rrp £121.99) when purchased through your RoomLab Design Package. 

A storage ottoman is a great option for a living room where it functions as both a coffee table and a place to hide away unsightly items. The classic vibes of this version, also from Wayfair, would easily suit a traditional style or could be worked into a comfy eclectic concept as a subtle base for curated accessories. 

Hunter Storage Ottoman from Wayfair, currently available for £274.49 (rrp £304.99) when purchased through your RoomLab Design Package. 


2. Give yourself space

Ornate or interesting screens are always a great way to define spaces in an open-plan room (so great for studio flats!) and can also be used to hide larger exercise items. Two screens next to each other can easily hide a treadmill or exercise bike - simply fold the screens away when you want to use the machine.

For an option that's especially easy to move when you want to work out, this lightweight Sweetpea & Willow room divider is a great choice. Top tip - the rail style is perfect for spray-painting an alternative colour to perfectly match your scheme - just make sure to work in a well-ventilated space. 

Lene Bjerre Mandisa Room Divider from Sweetpea & Willow, currently at £297.00 (rrp £330.00) when purchased through your RoomLab Design Package.

For a more solid option or if ease of mobility is a key factor for you, this wheeled divider from Cult Furniture is a great alternative that's easily pushed to one side or moved from room to room. We love the industrial feel of the exposed bars and reclaimed wood - perfect for lofty urban concepts. 

Wide Storage Rack, Reclaimed Teak Wood and Pipe from Cult Furniture, currently available at £359.70 (rrp £405.30) when purchased through your RoomLab Design Package


3. Opt for multi-function items

Particularly suitable for less intensive wellness practices, such as meditation or mindfullness (and great for small spaces), our designers love to find clever ways to incorporate exercise equipment directly into the design. Floor cushions are great for giving you a dedicated space to work on improving your inner calm whilst also doubling as additional seating for your next family movie marathon. And for perfect ambience, classic hurricane lamps are ideal for setting moods from zen-like calm to date-night romance. 

Clockwise from the top left: Eichholtz Palisades Hurricane Lamp in Gold Finish from Sweetpea & Willow, currently available at £265.50 (rrp £295.00); Liesel pouffe in green from Habitat, currently available at £112.50 (rrp £125.00); Alexandra Hurricane Lamp from Sweetpea & Willow, currently available at £39.60 (rrp £44.00); Nandak Footstool Square from Lombok, currently available at £54.00 (rrp £150.00). All prices quoted are the prices that are available when items are purchased through your RoomLab Design Package. 


4. Baskets and Bins

If you don’t have the space or the budget to incorporate new items of storage furniture into your design, co-ordinating baskets and bins can be a great way to hide all manner of items and preserve your colour-scheme. Placed on shelves or on top of cupboards, they’re easy to move around and access. Our top tip - if you’re worried about dust or exposing items you’d rather have hidden away, just choose baskets with lids.

We love these structured ones, available in three colours from West Elm. Great for organising items on shelves or on top of larger items of furniture like wardrobes.

Modern Weave Storage Bins from West Elm, currently available from £22.45 (rrp £39.99) when purchased through your RoomLab Design Package. 

For a softer look or to store items at floor level, these gorgeous baskets are a great pick. Handwoven in Senegal from natural and recycled materials, no two are exactly the same. 

Graphic Printed Baskets - Black/White fromWest Elm, currently available from £62.95 (rrp from £119.00) when purchased through your RoomLab Design Package. 


5. Layer up

If your fitness routine of choice requires an exercise mat, like yoga or pilates, another great way to incorporate your equipment into your design concept without having to worry about having somewhere specific to store it is to simply lay it down under your existing rug which can then be easily rolled back when you want to practice and replaced when you’re done. There are so many great options for rugs available across the breadth of our suppliers so your designer will have no problem choosing one that's perfect for you and your home. 

Below are some of the most popular options from recent designs that we've completed recently. 

Clockwise from top left: Remi Rug in blue from Lombok, currently available at £119.70 (rrp £190.00); Fading World Yuzu Cream Rug by Louis de Poortere from Wayfair, currently available at £58.50 (rrp £65.00); Romo Chella Rug in ebony from Sweetpea & Willow, currently available from £675.00 (rrp £750.00); Bloomsbury Large Geometric Wool Rug 170 X 240cm from Habitat, currently available at £445.50 (rrp £495.00). All prices quoted are the prices that are available when items are purchased through your RoomLab Design Package. 


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