The Psychology of Colour: What Do Your Favourite Colours Say About You?

Live life in colour

As children, most of us had a favourite colour that we obsessed over. Tastes shift as we get older and developments in paint manufacturing have opened up a myriad of shade varieties; the choice can now seem overwhelming. We love reading the trend forecasts to see which colours will be cropping up in the style blogs each season, but designing for our customers is less about fast fashion and more about enduring style and we often find people reverting to their old favourites when looking to create a design that feels like home to them. 

Shades can make or break a space; a change of paint or wallpaper can take a room from open and airy to cosy and warm faster than any change in your furniture scheme and we love to see customers delight in such dramatic transformations. Read on to find out what your choices say about you and to discover some perfect shades from RoomLab favourite Farrow & Ball. 


Blacks & Greys

Despite its otherworldly associations, black is actually the colour of artists. Favouring black is indicative of a sensitve nature, of introversion and a preference for calm and solitude. Black brings serious drama to your space and is a timeless way to create a contemplative, sophisticated atmosphere. Clockwise from the top left: Pitch Black; Off Black; Down Pipe; Railings. All at Farrow & Ball.


Whites & Neturals

People who prefer whites and neutrals are likely to be organised, methodical, and disliking of clutter. Frequently mislabelled as bland, a white scheme is more of a bold choice than it's given credit for. Marks, dirt, and uneven surfaces will be much more obvious when painted white than when a darker colour is used but if you're looking for freshness and space, it'll be just what you need. Clockwise from the top left: Wevet; School House White; Elephant's Breath; Drop Cloth. All at Farrow & Ball. 


Reds & Oranges

Bold, firey, and unstoppable; fans of red are vivacious, energetic, and passionate. Like black, red brings instant drama but be careful to balance it out - red works fantastically with either complementary or contrasting colours. Remember, you're aiming for artistic, not abbatoir. Clockwise from top left: Blazer; Rectory Red; Charlotte's Locks; Picture Gallery Red. All at Farrow & Ball. 



In colour pyschology, blue is associated with reliability, sensibility, and a preference for harmony. The colour of peace-keepers and great emotional intelligence, blue brings a clean and stable sense of calm to your space and is one of the most versatile of colours, ranging from the darkest ocean hues to light fresh tints. Clockwise from top left: Stiffkey Blue; St Giles Blue; Stone Blue; Lulworth Blue. All at Farrow & Ball. 



It's no secret that yellow is associated with sunshine and happiness. A love for yellow is a sign of warmth and an easiness of nature. From bright egg yolk splashes to subtle springtime tints, yellow brings a feeling of summer and gentle breezes into your home no matter what time of year. 

Clockwise from top left: Citron; Pale Hound; Babouche; Sudbury Yellow. All at Farrow & Ball. 



Though often associated negatively with envy, green is the colour of loyalty and affection. Perfect for those who feel a deep connection to nature and work hard to maintain good relationships. Often used in east-facing spaces where it catches the morning light, green suits clear-headed people and is perfect for a variety of spaces from reading nooks and studies to breakfast rooms and bathrooms. Clockwise from top left: Breakfast Room Green; Calke Green; Cooking Apple Green; Arsenic. All at Farrow & Ball. 


Purples & Pinks

Purple is traditionally the colour of royalty and wisdom and its deeper varieties certainly bring an aura of elegance to grown up spaces - we love it in dining rooms where soft lighting lends it a mystical air that's perfect for late night conversations. Its close cousin, pink, is perfect for gentle souls who are seeking a feeling of freshness is their space but wish to shy away from the sharp edges of blue. Clockwise from top left: Middleton Pink; Cinder Rose; Rangwali; Sulking Room Pink. All at Farrow & Ball. 



The colour of earth and stone, brown is perfect for earnest people who want their home to feel like a personal sanctuary. From rich mahoganies to silky toffees to gentle beiges, brown complements a range of other colours and can be surprisingly versatile. 

Clockwise from top left: Tanner's Brown; Mahogany; Salon Drab; London Clay. All at Farrow & Ball. 


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