The RoomLab Guide To Setting Your Interior Design Budget

/media/blog/2019/07/09/image.jpgHow much should I budget for my project?

At RoomLab, we believe that great interior design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their capacity to spend, so if you finish reading and feel that we’re trying to avoid giving a definite answer, it’s purely because there isn’t one. That said, we also believe in great customer service and in responding to your questions with more than just a shrug and a head scratch. Below is what we can tell you. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here or in our FAQs,  just reach out to the Customer Success Team on 020 3608 9938 or via and they’ll be happy to help.

1. How important is interior style to you?

If you’ve just started working with RoomLab or you’re considering it, it’s likely that you’ve come here because you not only want some advice and support across your interior design journey (and to access those lovely trade discounts), but also because you care about what your house looks like. Perhaps you entertain a lot, or you work from home, or you’ve finally got the nest back from the kids after years of filling it with things that are wipe-clean and durable; whatever your reasoning, you want to make a space that you love. If we were answering the budget question for our own spaces, we’d start here - how important is this to me and how much do I want to invest in to it?

2. It's all relative

Each customer’s financial situation is different to the next and thus each person’s concept of what an ‘appropriate spend’ is is also different. Have a sit down with the household finances and really think about what you can set aside for this project. When you match with your designer and start working together, a huge part of the process will be sticking to the amount that you tell them that you’re able to spend - we’re obsessed with great interior design, but we would never encourage anyone to spend more than they want to to achieve it.

3. Little Miss Muffet didn't sit on the ground...

Next, have a think about the items of furniture that you need from your budget and those that you want; it’s safe to say that there’s no rigid definition for either but we’d start by thinking about the pieces that will allow the space to function. For example, can a bedroom be a bedroom without a bed? These ‘need’ items will usually be the centre piece - the bed, the sofa, the dining table - and may well represent a large portion of your budget. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle; on the left hand side, list these needs. The other side is where you list your ‘wants’ - you can’t use your bedroom without a bed, but you can probably get by without decorative pillows - sure, it won’t look as polished but, unless they can be bought within your desired budget, they're not as much of a priority as the pieces that give the space function. Fold your piece of paper in half along the line you’ve drawn and, when you have your kick-off conversation with your designer, go over the needs list before you talk about the wants.

4. Sofa so good

As the multi-purpose heart of the home, living rooms generally require more furniture than other spaces in your house - especially if they’re open-plan. At the core of the room is the sofa. Sofas can be expensive; bespoke options can climb into the thousands and will come with a lengthy lead time to build (upwards of 6 weeks is frequently the case, even for pre-made ones), but there are also options that can be purchased at a much lower price without compromising on quality. A large part of the benefit that RoomLab offers versus sourcing a room design yourself is the furniture shopping service. Through this we pass on our exclusive trade discounts and make suppliers available to you that you wouldn’t be able to access on the high street - this can open up big discounts on items very similar to ones you’ve fallen in love with from TV ads or magazine editorials. If you want to match a specific look on a particular item, just upload a photo of it when you complete your Design Briefing Form and we’ll get working on finding you a version that fits into your budget. If you’re not quite ready to sign up but want to see our sourcing skills in action, check out our Before & After page. 

Happy to Help

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here or in our FAQs,  just reach out to the Customer Success team on 020 3608 9938 or via and they’ll be happy to help.

If you need some additional guidance, check out our lists below that detail standard furniture pieces for each room or book a free consultation call from our homepage.


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