Saving the world with good design - how to frame and hang your artwork

Hello all,  following on from last weeks posts (thanks for the postive responses) on how to find affordable art for your home, as promised here is my advce on framing and hanging your pics!  Again this is subjective but I hope you find it useful and always we'd love to know your thoughts - drop us a note on instagram of facebook.

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Ok so here are my top tips....

On buying frames

I always do my own framing.  As much as I would love to be able to afford professional framers it’s out of budget for me and most people.  Saying that if it was a super special piece I would at least get advice from a pro

There’s a few approaches -

Leave it frameless.  IMO this works really well for modern canvases.  A quick google and you'll see that you can buy these from Etsy (if you're not already using etsy you should it's fab and supports creative people) , eBay or China and have them delivered in a roll (just like a giant kitchen roll).

It seems scary but you then create a simple frame using wooden battens from B&Q and a few nails and stretch it over with a staple gun.  If you want a vid on this let me know and if it gets a lot of votes I’ll do a How To.  Here’s a couple from my house that I’ve stretched over frames.



Buy ready made glass or perspex frames.  

The trick here is to choose how large you’d like your picture to be on your wall and then find a frame to fit before you order the print in that size.  For example you can get great 50 x 70 cm rates from Ikea and most print shops sell this size.  If you do it the other way around a buy a 60x70cm print you’re a little bit stuck.

Here is A 50 X 70 picture in my house.  I actually made this print myself using some acrylic paints which following on from my post last week is a great way to save money!


Look for old gold frames or mirrors on ebay and get a local framer or someone very handy to resize this to the size that you need.  This is a great way of creating a real showstopper for next to nothing.  A local glazier will be able to supply you with the right size piece of glass for a few quid but it’s worth a call before you start to get budgets.

A note on Mounts - as above I’d recommend buying your frame first, then your mount and then finally your print.  Mounts can be a super effective way of making your simple prints look really expensive.  It also means that you can save by buying a s smaller print.  Amazon has some great ones.  Take a look at how well this has been done in this gorgeous room from Restoration Hardware


  1. On hanging:
  1. There’s another blog post from a while back on creating gallery walls and tons available on Pinterest and Instagram of how to create a “grid” to make this work for you.  It takes a bit of patience but gallery walls can be knockout.  It’s also a great way to finally get the magazine pages, quotes and prints that you’ve had saved in a file forever finally up on the wall.
  2. To be honest I don’t have the patience for drawing out a gallery grid so I normally go down the masking tape route.  In short stick masking tape on the wall (or pieces of broken paper with masking tape - no to sellotape) to the correct size on the wall, stand back and see how it is from afar and from each corner of the room.


And here are my go to's for ready made frames (all with links)


Habitat (look out for their flash sales and sign up to their newsletter)

Charity shops and Ebay (strip out old pictures!!)

Desenio - mentioned these guys last week for great prints, frames are also top notch

Finally.... Mounts



Unless you’re a total whizz with a drill and living in your house forever I would very much recommend the awesomeness that is Command Strips. They’re essentially sticky-back velcro with rhino like hold, and you just pull off when you’re ready to move a picture or move out.

A while back we wrote a blog on Gallery walls and a guide on how to install them easily for max impact- click here  to read :-) 

And last but not least from me this week, if you’ve not checked out our RoomLab Pinterest yet then you should!  For some Inspo click here - this is our "decorating with art" board -

I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful!  S x

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