Wonderful Ways To Use Stripes

1. To create height

Whether it's on a pair of trousers or in your living room the effect is the same. Vertical stripes lead the eye upwards and create an illusion of height. Experiment with a bold feature wall or try it more subtly through some tasteful panelling.

2. As a statement

For a bigger wow and to create movement on a typically flat surface, try a more adventurous combination of directions. If you’re nervous to jump on the paint brush (understandably), try wallpaper as an alternative.  If that’s still too permanent for you, buy a large canvas and paint that or similarly a frame with statement wallpaper behind the glass.

3. In a nursery

Did you know that babies are born with only a semi-developed retina?! Adult eyes can distinguish varying shades of colour and light however, for a newborn, visibility is reduced to only extreme contrasts in dark and light. To create visual stimulation and prompt brain development, dedicate some space within the nursery or home for those contrasting stripes and patterns.  This could be integrated again as a statement wall, via curtains or blinds or a simple area rug for something less permanent.

4. A modern twist

Instead of using a traditional dado rail to break up a wall, replace the classic with a single horizontal stripe. This is also a great way to be bold with colour without taking over the whole space.

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